SolarEdge – Smart Energy Hot Water


Designed to automatically divert excess solar energy to power home water heating systems, the smart energy hot water device can help take your system beyond just PV:

  • Create additional energy saving opportunities
  • Utilise cost-effective thermal energy storage compared to Li-ion batteries
  • Further reduce your electricity bills by growing your solar self-consumption

So if you didn’t think energy storage could benefit your bottom line, think again!


Turn Excess Solar into Big Energy Savings

Help cut into the high costs of heating water, estimated at up to 22% of the electricity bill of average European households1. By adding the SolarEdge hot water device to new or existing SolarEdge PV systems, you can drive up solar self-consumption and potentially grow energy savings by 20-40%.

1 Source: www.eea.europa.eu & SolarEdge market analysis


Hot Water Never Felt So Clean

You’ve already limited your reliance on fossil fuels by going solar with SolarEdge.
Now go one step further in reducing your carbon footprint. Install the smart energy hot water device and ensure a clean, renewable electricity source for heating water.


Give Yourself the Easy Life

Once installed, the hot water device seamlessly integrates with the SolarEdge monitoring platform letting you conveniently control water heating directly from your smartphone.

You can use one of several user-friendly modes to manually turn the device on/off, or switch to Timer or Scheduler operation. Excess solar can also be prioritized to the hot water device before other devices, ensuring it benefits most from available solar energy.


Key Benefits:

  • Increases self-consumption by diverting excess solar energy to the hot water boiler
  • Minimizes the electricity needed to heat water, for reduced electricity bills
  • Enables cost-effective thermal energy storage compared to Li-ion batteries
  • Delivers high efficiency of >98%
  • Powers purely resistive loads of up to 5kW
  • Reads water temperature using an optional temperature sensor
  • Connects to SolarEdge residential inverters via wireless communication
  • Integrates easily with the SolarEdge monitoring platform