Solarwatt Glass-Glass

Premium Quality Glass-Glass Solar Panels.


With over 30 years of experience as a photovoltaic pioneer, Solarwatt is the European market leader in glass-glass solar panels and one of the world’s largest suppliers of electricity storage.

The solar pioneer from Germany.

The company was founded in 1993 in Dresden, Germany. Solarwatt has more than 700 employees worldwide and cooperates with international organisations such as BMW, Bosch and E.ON.

Solarwatt is almost 100 % owned by Stefan Quandt, who is also a major shareholder in BMW. Through a close collaboration with BMWi, Solarwatt has developed one of the most automated and innovative factories in the world. Its entire production process is carried out by smart robots that ensure constant high-quality production. Moreover, all components are carefully coordinated with each other. After all, only a properly integrated solar power system yields the highest returns! 


Panel production as Solarwatts's HQ in Dresden, Germany.
Panel production at Solarwatt’s HQ location in Dresden, Germany

Solar Watt Premium Quality.

With subsidiaries in the UK, Netherlands, France, Italy, and Spain, Solarwatt is a global company with a local presence in more than 50 countries. 

Solarwatt state-of-the-art solar panel technology is equipped for residential and commercial solar PV systems around the world and offers the industry- leading 30-year warranty.

Solarwatt are committed to powering a better tomorrow – to build a healthier and more sustainable future [for everyone]. 


More solar power output, highest reliability, beautiful design.

The new Solarwatt generation of solar panels are guaranteed to produce a 25 % higher yield compared to the industry standard. Additionally, Solarwatt glass-glass panels and significantly more resistant to all mechanical and environmental influences.

To ensure premium quality, Solarwatt solar panels are subjected to much tougher and more varied tests than the standard prescribed by IEC (Inter-national ectrotechnical Commission) and 6121561730. Standard tests do not sufficiently reflect the conditions to which solar panels are exposed in practice. To ensure the highest quality, Solarwatt solar panel are also tested for: PID degradation, LeTID degradation, fire protection, resistance against extreme weather conditions such as hail, wind, and snow, and resistance to salt (for coastal areas) and ammonia (for farms). 

That means Solarwatt offer higher long-term reliability and up to 33 % increase in service life. All their glass-glass panels are designed in Germany. Their timeless designs perfectly blend into your roof or facade to enhance [the visual appeal of] your property.

Solar Panel highlighting beautiful design.

Panels that top every test. Even the test of time.

  • Robust glass-glass composition
  • 30-year warranty
  • Powerful – 25% higher yield guaranteed*
  • Timeless, elegant design
  • Reliable yields for years

*Compared to standard glass-foil solar panels under the same conditions.

Reliable high yields for many decades to come.

Even under the most extreme weather conditions

Solar Panels with high resistance to adverse weather.

Volatile weather conditions and environmental influences can significantly affect the performance of solar panels. Solarwatt glass-glass panels are built with durability in mind. They are tested under the most extreme weather conditions, including hail, rain, wind, and ice.

 High resistance to extreme hailstorms

While a standard hailstone test simulates frozen drops with a diameter of 25 mm at a speed of 85 km/h, Solarwatt use hailstone 45 mm in diameter that collide with the sale panel at a speed of 110 km/h. The result: not even a scratch.

That resistance includes microcracks – fine hairline cracks, invisible to the naked eye. This is important because microcracks can have a major impact on the energy yield of the solar panel. The resistance of their glass-glass solar panels to hailstorms has been confirmed in practice. In areas with intensive hail storms, such as Bavaria in Germany and Austria, Solar-watt systems show the same robust behaviour as in the laboratory

Glass-glass solar panels Quality that has been tested.

Solarwatt’s new generation of solar panels sets new standard for solar panels. This technology guarantees optimum fire and scratch resistance, withstands high loads, and offers significantly more protection against temperature changes, moisture, and other environmental influence.

Thanks to these advantages, Solarwatt’s glass-glass panel range has an extremely long service life whilst you benefit from maximum yield stability that cannot be achieved with conventional solar panels. That is why Solarwatt whole glass-glass panel range carries a 30-year warranty. 

Anti-reflective glass and PERC solar cells

Their anti-reflective solar glass reflects a minimum of sunlight and enables the maximum amount to reach the solar cell. By using PERC solar cells, a greater bandwidth of sunlight is converted into solar energy.

This is important especially at the beginning and end of the day and in cloudy weather, when solar panels generate more energy. Combining the right glass with the right solar cells ensures the most efficient conversion of sunlight into electricity

Fire Safety

Solarwatt is continually testing various types of glass-glass solar panels to the toughest standard. These solar panels have easily passed the tests and have been awarded the highest fire category, class A.

BMW Welt in Munich with solar panel integration.
BMW Welt in Munich, Germany, with panels integrated into the roof structure
Villa rooftop panels, Sweden.
Villa with rooftop panels and tiny house with rooftop panels, Sweden

Suitable solution for every application

Solarwatt offers a tailored approach, keeping a close eye on the application of its products and adjusting their properties accordingly. They offer a variety of solar panels for private and commercial use.

Their Panel vision range is suitable for flat roofs, pitched roofs or in roof, e.g. in carports, verandas and facades. Solarwatt work alongside their customers to find the perfect solution to your needs. 

Solarwatt believe in the quality of their products

Solarwatt’s Panel vision glass-glass panels have an extremely long service time. That is why, the entire glass-glass panel range comes with a 30-year warranty.

Solarwatt warranty services includes

  • Repair by Solarwatt on site at the customer’s premises
  • Repair at Solarwatt or a third party
  • Delivery of additional panels
  • Exchange for replacement panels

Guarantee condtions

  • The power of the solar panels decreases to a maximum of 97% in year 1.
  • In the period year 2 to 29, the power of the panels decreases by no more than 0.345% per year.
  • In the 30th year, the guaranteed power is at least equal to 87% of year 1.

Nordic eco vill with rooftop panels, Sweden.
Typical Nordic wooden frame eco villa with rooftop panels, Sweden