Below are a selection of our frequently asked questions.

What happens if I move house, can I take them with me?

Although you could take the Solar PV system with you when you move home, our recommendation is that you don’t. The reason is that as the system generates a residual income year-on-year for the term (currently 20 years) it would be more beneficial to negotiate the sale of the system in the same way as fixtures and fittings. We can provide you a financial breakdown in this event.

Do I need a south facing roof?

To capture the sun’s energy a south-facing roof is the most optimal orientation. Other orientations will have less opportunity to capture the sun’s energy so the returns will be lower, however it may still make financial sense to install a Solar PV System.

As we no longer seem to have a summer how can I generate power without the sun?

A Solar PV System will generate the most energy on a bright sunny day although it will still generate on cloudy days albeit at a reduced rate.

Is the system covered by Home Insurance?

Whilst we can’t guarantee that any individual insurance companies will provide cover for this, our experience is that provided you inform your home insurance provider they will normally cover the Solar PV System at little or no extra cost.