About Us

We provide hassle-free fully managed and monitored Solar PV systems for commercial and residential customers.

auream energy ltd are a solar energy company providing solar installation services in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas including including Fleet, Farnborough, Tadley, Baughurst, Kingsclere, Winchester, Andover and Reading.

The auream value proposition means that we take all the administrative headaches away from you. If your auream energy system is not generating when it should be we will know about it. The auream state-of-the-art monitoring system (based on SolarEdge technology) records the system performance and alerts in the event of any system affecting issues. What that means is you don’t need to know anything about Solar PV to have the comfort of knowing that your system is performing optimally and generating the best returns possible.

Our team at auream have thoroughly researched the technology we use and believe we offer the best solution for cost-effective solar energy generation available today.

Auream employees live and work in Basingstoke and are ideally situated to provide the best in Solar Energy installation throughout the whole of Hampshire and Berkshire.  Our engineers are NECIC registered

To speak with a member of the auream team about your requirements please contact us