With energy costs high and rising, investing in renewable energy is a great opportunity for businesses. At auream energy we have helped companies up and down the country increase the value of existing assets, generate income from and gain a competitive advantage. This holds true regardless of your business or financial profile.

Energy Sustainability

It is essential that energy needs meet the growing demand of today’s people without compromising the demand of the people that would require it in the future.

All renewable energy sources like solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, wave and tidal power are forms of sustainable energy. Renewable energy sources have low environmental impact, are widely available and are naturally replenished.

Contrary to this, existing fossil fuel energy solutions damage the environment and with increasing public concern regarding the impact of the planet, it is imperative that energy company policy is focused on improving sustainability of the environment.

Air Quality

Air pollution kills millions of people every year, the only hope at the horizon is harnessing the power of renewable energy.

Apart from agricultural waste sites and waste incineration, outdoor air pollution is caused mainly by vehicle fuel combustion, power generation from industrial facilities, and by building heating systems.

Some national and local governments are already pledging to ditch fossil fuels in favour of sustainability.

Commercial Benefits

  • Increase return on existing assets
  • Increase the asset value of existing assets
  • Increase revenue (index-linked)

Our consultants understand the drivers of business and can design a suitable system that can satisfy both your energy and financial requirements. Every system is custom designed to maximize return on investment. We can also advise you on the tangible value of the additional benefits of installing a Solar PV system.

With commercial electricity prices increasing year on year and expected by many to double over the next decade, being able to protect your business against rising bills will help maintain your competitive edge over others exposed to rising costs. If your business operates throughout the weekend, as well as during the week, the savings that can be made increase by up to 40% making it an easy decision for many businesses.

Installing a commercial solar PV system will allow you to:

  • Increase the return on existing business assets
  • Generate an index-linked guaranteed income
  • Reduce running costs and insure against future price rises
  • Lower carbon emissions and raise your environmental profile

Overall your business and it’s premises can apply these benefits in a way that increases your competitive advantage.

Our fully managed service includes advanced monitoring assures this income for the life of the system, protects your investment and removes the need to know anything about Solar PV systems. It’s simple and hassle-free.

Instructing auream energy to commission and manage a Solar PV system is an excellent business decision both environmentally and financially. For more information please contact us