auream Energy can deliver a range of services such as groundworks, excavation, civil engineering works & street works to its clients across Hampshire.

Our highly experienced and professional groundworks team can deliver first class electrical excavation projects for both commercial and residential clients.

Our company structure enables us to complete projects of varying sizes and complexity, including infrastructure work. Our highly qualified team consists of an experienced directly employed workforce with the addition of knowledgeable sub-contractors that have worked for the company and have a proven track record in the groundworks and civil engineering industry.



There are three key elements to installing external power:

  • Ensure that the equipment selected is suitable for the environment, bearing in mind potentially extreme conditions and the presence of water.
  • The cross sectional area of the conductor core must be large enough to ensure low loop readings and to prevent voltage drop resulting from extended cable runs.
  • The cable must be clipped safely above the surface or buried at 500mm below ground beneath protective slabs and warning tape.

Our installers will help you choose the best place for your groundworks, explain the turnaround for completion of works and re-instating your property to its original specification.


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