SolarEdge – Energy Bank

SolarEdge Energy Bank


The SolarEdge Energy Bank 10kWh battery is designed to easily connect with our award-winning single phase HD-Wave inverters, delivering industry-leading efficiency to ensure power when and where it’s needed most.

A complete solution from roof-to-grid

Together with SolarEdge’s integrated Smart Modules, monitoring and management platforms, and growing family of smart energy products, you’ll have one single source for everything – products, warranty, support, training and system management.


A complete solution from roof-to-grid.

More Power. More Capacity. More Independence.

  • Install a solar + storage solution designed to work together, for optimal operation
  • Produce more energy and enable larger installs with highly efficient DC-coupled technology
  • Stack up to three inverters per system, with up to three batteries per inverter
  • Charge from the grid and make the most of Time of Use tariffs


Designed for Faster Battery Installations

  • Simple plug and play installation, with automatic smartphone-based configuration via SetApp
  • Wireless communication between inverter and SolarEdge Energy Bank, reducing wiring, labor and risk of installation faults
  • No additional hardware components to manage the battery
  • Flexible installation – wall or floor, all indoor or outdoor
Designed for Faster Battery Installations.


Solar Edge Monitoring Platform

Easy O&M with the SolarEdge Monitoring Platform

  • Real-time battery-level data and full visibility of battery performance
  • Automatic and detailed battery alerts, with troubleshooting recommendations for each alert
  • Free monitoring for system lifetime, accessible from desktop PC or mobile app


SolarEdge Energy Bank Accessories

The SolarEdge Energy Bank battery includes additional accessories, some optional, that need to be ordered separately:

  • Reusable lifting handles – required for lifting the battery into position during installation
  • Floor stand kit – for floor-mounted battery installations
  • MC4 parallel branch connectors – for connecting multiple batteries to each other
SolarEdge Energy Bank Accessories