Residential Solar

We understand the impact of rising energy bills on our residential customers, our Solar PV Systems can help offset these costs.

Residential Solar

Energy Sustainability

Your electricity supplier will pay for every unit of electricity your system generates, whether you use it in your home or not.

It is essential that energy needs meet the growing demand of today’s people without compromising the demand of the people that would require it in the future.

All renewable energy sources like solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, wave and tidal power are forms of sustainable energy. Renewable energy sources have low environmental impact, are widely available and are naturally replenished.


Home Valuation

Some people worry that ugly panels plastered all over their roof could push the price of their house down. However, equally, a more efficient home generating its own energy may be more attractive to buyers.

Solar panels are a fairly hefty investment and might not be suited to those planning to move in the next few years – certainly you shouldn’t expect a big upfront investment to be immediately reflected by a jump in your home’s value.


Planning Permission

You don’t generally need planning permission for solar PV systems. The big exceptions are if your property has a flat roof, is listed or in a conservation area. You might need to get approval from your council’s building control team, so check with your local authority.

In England and Wales, the Government’s Planning Portal says that panels are likely to be considered as “permitted development”.


Solar Panel Maintenance

The Energy Saving Trust says little maintenance is required on a properly installed, well-designed solar PV system, though you’ll likely need to replace the inverter – a gadget which is a key part of the mechanism – within about 25 years (£800ish).

Our fully managed service includes advanced monitoring assures this income for the life of the system, protects your investment and removes the need to know anything about Solar PV systems. It’s simple and hassle-free.