SolarEdge – EV Charger

Home EV Charging with Solar.


Introducing the SolarEdge EV Charger

The SolarEdge EV Charger* automatically** uses available solar energy for EV charging, providing you with the convenience and freedom of charging fast from home with cleaner, cheaper, renewable energy.

Easy to install for both single and three phase systems, the EV Charger can seamlessly integrate with the SolarEdge Home ecosystem enabling homeowners to control and optimize all household energy from a single app, mySolarEdge.

* This product may not be available in your area. Please verify availability with your SolarEdge sales representative
** Expected availability in 2022 via firmware upgrade

Solar Edge EV Charger
Residential EV Charging.

The EV Life is In Demand

EV charging is becoming the most sought-after residential amenity in today’s energy market. Time to make the most out of living – and driving – the smart life.

  • 80% of EV owners charge from home*
  • Nearly 50% of EV owners own a solar system*

* Based on SolarEdge market research 


Boost Savings and Solar Self-Consumption*

  • Save money by driving on the sun vs. the grid
  • Charge smarter when rates are low or at night using battery storage
  • Increase self-consumption by utilizing self-generated solar energy for EV charging
  • Use excess solar  to charge from 100% renewable energy
  • Take advantage of EVSE incentives

* Expected availability in 2022 via firmware upgrade

Boost Savings as well as Solar Self consumption.


Mode 3 Charging Station.

Key Benefits

  • Mode 3 charging station, with up to 32A (22kW) charging power
  • Single vendor for PV and EV charging solutions, for easier servicing and just one warranty
  • Supports single and three phase installations
  • Easy to install – indoors or out
  • Sturdy and long-lasting 6m charging cable with Type 2 connector
  • Charging control and monitoring with the mySolarEdge app*
  • Integrated optional RFID card authentication and MID-Meter
  • OCPP compatible*
  • Three-year warranty

* Expected availability in 2022 via software upgrade