SolarEdge – Inverters and Optimizers

The SolarEdge portfolio of products includes power optimizers, highly efficient PV inverters and a web portal for module-level monitoring and fault detection. The SolarEdge system enables harvesting more solar power from any PV system by effectively removing the known system constraints across the photovoltaic energy space.

Solar Edge Optimizers & Inverters

SolarEdge Solar PV Inverter

The SolarEdge DC-AC PV inverter is specifically designed to work with the SolarEdge power optimizers. Because MPPT and voltage management are handled separately for each module by the power optimizer, the inverter is only responsible for DC to AC inversion. Consequently, it is a less complicated, more cost effective, more reliable solar inverter with a standard 12 year warranty, extendable to 20 or 25 years. The fixed string voltage ensures operation at the highest efficiency at all times (>97% weighted efficiency) independent of string length and temperature.

SolarEdge Power Optimizer

The SolarEdge power optimizer is a DC/DC converter which is connected by installers to each PV module or embedded by module manufacturers, replacing the traditional solar junction box. The SolarEdge power optimizers increase energy output from PV systems by constantly tracking the maximum power point (MPPT) of each module individually. Furthermore, the power optimizers monitor the performance of each module and communicate performance data to the SolarEdge monitoring portal for enhanced, cost-effective module-level maintenance. Each power optimizer is equipped with the unique SafeDC™ feature which automatically shuts down modules’ DC voltage whenever the inverter or grid power is shut down.

The MPPT per module allows for flexible installation design with multiple orientations, tilts and module types in the same string. When working with SolarEdge Inverters, SolarEdge power optimizers automatically maintain a fixed string voltage, allowing installers even greater flexibility with longer strings and strings of different lengths in order to design optimal PV systems. Alternatively, the new independent optimization (IndOP™) technology allows power optimizers to be installed without the need for additional interface hardware and to operate directly with any inverter. The SolarEdge power optimizers are compatible with c-Si and thin-film modules and have a 25 year warranty.

SolarEdge PV Monitoring Portal

The SolarEdge PV Monitoring Portal is a web-based application that provides module-level, string-level and system-wide monitoring. The solar monitoring software provides enhanced maintenance of PV systems and yield assurance. The portal automatically provides alerts for accurate and immediate fault detection, localized on a virtual site map for on-site and remote troubleshooting at the module level. Module performance is communicated across existing power lines, so no extra wiring is required.

SolarEdgeTM Advantages

Up to 25% more energy

Increased energy yield & faster return on investment through
module-level MPPT

  • No module power mismatch loss
  • No partial shading loss
  • No soiling mismatch loss
  • No aging mismatch loss

Constraint free design

Maximum space utilization with minimum design time

  • Modules on different orientation and tilts
  • Different module types in a single string
  • Strings of different lengths connected to same inverter
  • Longer strings – up to 50 modules per string

Cost efficient maintenance

Full visibility of system performance & remote troubleshooting

  • Module-level performance data
  • Presentation of complete system on virtual site map
  • Automatic alerts on system issues
  • Easy access via web browser from computer or smartphone

SafeDCTM – DC safety

Safety during installation, maintenance, firefighting & other emergencies

  • Installation: safe string voltage – until inverter & AC supply are turned on
  • Maintenance: safe string voltage – automatic once inverter is turned off
  • Emergency: safe string voltage – automatic after grid disconnection

Benefits of Optimized Solar Edge PV Systems

With traditional (string) inverted Solar Edge PV systems, the weakest panel reduces the performance of all the panels in the string as all the panels are connected in series.

By using power optimizers this condition is eliminated as each individual panel is optimized to produce maximum energy and a single faulty panel does not affect the performance of the remaining panels.

Solar Edge System

The benefits of this approach over traditional PV systems are:

  • High efficiency – more energy is harvested from the system
  • Greater flexibility in design and installation
  • More tolerance to external conditions such as shading or soiling
  • Inbuilt safety mechanism which automatically shuts the system voltage down for maintenance
  • Enables integration to energy storage (Tesla Powerwall) to maximize self-consumption
  • Full visibility of the system performance with module level monitoring anytime, anywhere through a cloud-based portal

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