Solar iBoost

Free Hot water from your existing PV Array – Or fitted as an add-on to a new PV Array

Uses your PV array to give you FREE hot water with the Solar iBoost!

The Solar iBoost uses the surplus solar PV energy generated at your home to heat the hot water in your household water tank and save you money.


Fit a Solar iBoost and watch your water heating bills fall!

You will benefit from:

  • Maximising the use of the free solar energy generated at your property
  • Cutting the cost of heating your water
  • Reduced use of your boiler


Solar iBoost uses ONLY energy that would be exported, allowing you to use as much of the free energy that, unless you have an export meter, you are paid for anyway!

Solar iBoost Device

The Solar iBoost is the easiest to fit, use and monitor device, enabling you to enjoy even more financial benefits from your PV solar investment.


Here’s how a typical household will benefit from the Solar iBoost:

The Solar iBoost concept is to use the surplus solar PV energy generated at your home to heat the hot water in your household water tank and save you money. Solar iBoost does not affect your FIT generation payments. Where you have a “deemed” usage contract with your FIT provider you will be paid for the export value regardless of whether the energy is consumed or not.

This is normally based in 50% of the generation reading and will not be affected. Where an export meter is fitted with the benefits of the Solar iBoost can still easily outweigh the rising energy costs of water heating.

  • Solar iBoost fits quickly and neatly into your airing cupboard, simply wired between the existing fused spur and the immersion heater
  • It wirelessly receives information continuous from a sender device which activates the Solar iBoost to start water heating
  • A single battery operated radio sensor clamps around the household mains input cable so there’s no need for expensive wiring. The sender monitors the flow of electricity and transmits this information to the Solar iBoost
  • The Solar iBoost intelligently controls the amount of energy fed into the immersion heater using information from the sender. It adjusts the energy flow to the immersion heater as your home consumption varies; ensuring that only excess power is used
  • There’s no need to change your immersion heater as Solar iBoost works with any normal household resistive immersion heater rated up to 3kW. Also suitable for use with dual immersion systems
  • The digital display informs you how much energy has been saved both historically and in real time. The operating status is monitored and warning lights inform the user of any alerts
  • Solar iBoost works in harmony with your Economy 7 or 10 utility tariffs via user programmable times
  • Solar iBoost includes an override switch, and has programmable timer options gives the user complete control
  • Dims: 260 x 130 x 64 mm Weight: 505g