We understand the impact of rising energy bills on our residential customers, our Solar PV Systems can help offset these costs.


1.  Earning the feed-in tariff

Your electricity supplier will pay for every unit of electricity your system generates, whether you use it in your home or not.


2.  Selling to the grid

As you probably won’t use all the energy you generate, what’s left over will be exported to the grid. Your electricity provider will pay you extra for every unit you sell back. Most suppliers can’t meter exported units, so they assume you’ll use half the units you produce in your house and export the other half to the grid.


3.  Savings on your bills

Electricity generated by your solar panels will feed directly into your house, so it will power any appliances you’re using during daylight hours. As the price of electricity continues to rise, using your own solar energy will help protect you against increasing energy bills. A typical south-facing home with a 3kWp (12 panel) system could save around £185 a year – and that’s based on today’s electricity prices.

Lots of our customer save more by changing small habits, such as using the washing machine and dishwasher during the day instead of the evening.


Provide an Index-linked Tax-free Income

The income from a residential Solar PV (PhotoVoltaic) system are obtained from the Feed-In-Tariff scheme. This income is tax-free and index-linked for the term (currently 20 years). The income generated will provide a means to secure your ongoing energy needs. This is achieved from 2 sources:

  • The Generation tariff
  • The Export tariff

Generation tariff:
Energy suppliers will pay a set rate for each unit (or kWh) of electricity generated. Once your system has been registered, the tariff levels are guaranteed for the period of the tariff (currently 20 years), are index-linked to the Retail Price Index (RPI), and most importantly are tax-free. The level of the tariff is dependent on the size of the system and the energy performance of the property. Click here for latest tariff.

Export tariff:
The export tariff is calculated on the basis of 50% of the electricity generated. Click here for latest tariff.

Our fully managed residential service includes advanced monitoring which assures the income for the life of the system, protects your investment and removes the need to know anything about Solar PV systems. It’s simple and hassle-free. For more information please contact us


Energy Performance Certificate

In order to claim the full feed-in tariff, your home needs to achieve an EPC rating of D or above. The EPC will show you how energy efficient your home currently is and what potential it has to improve.

Sample EPC below: